Letter published May 2016

Chinese-born candidate Hung Parliament is in with a strong chance. First published in Letters to the Editor Sydney Morning Herald  12 May 2016


Letter published December 2015

So Joe Hockey said if he did not retire from Parliament he would have been focused on "getting even with people" who contributed to his downfall ("Joe Hockey's thirst for revenge", smh.com.au, December 8). With this level of diplomatic skill, Australia's interests in Washington are in good hands First published in Letters to the Editor…Read more Letter published December 2015

Letter published April 2015

While I am no fan of Tony Abbott, politicians can’t win in situations like the one he found himself in (Letters, April 21). Ed Miliband’s much-ridiculed attempt to eat a bacon sandwich made the headlines last year in Britain, closely followed by a nervous David Cameron, seemingly so haunted by Miliband’s experience, he ate a hot-dog…Read more Letter published April 2015

The Glare and the Moustache

He may be traumatising English batsmen but I can’t yet bring myself to support Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson. Since when is it okay for a bowler to glare or smirk at the batsman after EVERY ball? After an exceptional delivery, the greats of yesteryear (I’m looking at you Mr Lillee) would glare and nod…Read more The Glare and the Moustache